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Flag and Flag Case Information

Any flag can be housed in a flag case; you just need to pay attention to the size of the case, which is made in two standard sizes (custom sizes can also be made). The Capitol flag case holds a 3' x 5' flag and the memorial flag case houses a 5' x 9 ½' flag.

Capitol Flag Case

Did you know you can obtain a flag that has flown over the U.S. Capitol? Some people request one for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, divorces and other special events. The flag will fly for one day. The program started in 1937 and because of the increased popularity of the program, you must make a request through your Senator's or Congressman's office (see links at bottom of page). After filling out the forms, return them to your representative's office. Only the official 50 star flag or past official flag will be flown. All flags must be made in the United States. The largest flag able to be flown over the United States Capitol is 8' x 12'. Prices are based on the size of the flag; the 3' x 5' Capitol flag is the most popular and inexpensive as is the flag case. The most expensive flag is currently $22.50 plus shipping and handling. You will receive your flag and a certificate showing the date your flag flew over the Capitol (over 250,000 are flown every year). The perfect way to display the flag and certificate is with the Capitol flag case, which is made to house both flag and certificate. Skilled North Carolina furniture craftsman make all of our Capitol flag cases and are shipped to you direct from North Carolina. To view Capitol flag case styles and finishes go here: Capitol flag cases.

Memorial Flag Cases

The perfect way to display, preserve and protect the American Flag

More than a half-million flags are presented every year to those who served in the military and their families. These flags are presented to honor those retiring and those who have sacrificed their lives to keep our nation free. The perfect way to honor these patriots is to house their flag in a beautiful handcrafted flag case. The selection is large with numerous styles and finishes to choose from. Free shipping and free engraving or free engraving plates are available on some models. The memorial flag cases will house the standard the 9' x 5 ½' burial flag. Take a look at some of these cases here: memorial flag cases .

American Flag Case Accessories

There are numerous accessories for the American flag cases. If you are going to set the case on a table or on a mantel you may want to use a pedestal base. This will give height to your flag display case and the base will match the wood and grain of your American flag case! We have a pedestal with shell casings where the flag case sits and you can replace the casings with ones from the 21-gun salute. There is also a combination pedestal and urn which can be seen here: Pedestals.

Take a look at the 2 ½" brass service medallions and colored service medallions that can be attached to the front of the pedestal. There are medallions for Firefighters and Police as well as black on brass engraving plates to customize your American Flag Case. To view the medallions go here: medallions.

Most all cases will hang on the wall but if you want something really special, look at the American flag case display stand. This three-legged piece of furniture will display the flag case at various angles to the viewer and there is room to add some décor to the stand. You can see the flag case stand here: Flag display stand.

Before you leave be sure to check out the miniature medals and accessory case that is built to hold an optional flag case and sits on a pedestal base (optional also). Use this trio in combination for the ultimate display case.

Military Display Cases

Use a military display case near or alongside a flag case display. Military display cases come in various sizes, woods and finish. The better cases are made of hardwood with a hand-rubbed finish. The military display case will have a Velcro backing and a strip of sticky back Velcro will come with the case to use for attaching medals, etc. Simply snip off a small piece from the strip, press it against the back of the object to be displayed and place that object anywhere on the Velcro backing of the military display case. You can arrange and rearrange with ease with no pinning or glueing. To see examples of a Military display case click here: military display case.

Another very popular display case is the challenge coin display case. Today's military uses challenge coins to recognize military campaigns, jobs, achievements, etc. These coins act as bragging rights to the holder. There are a number of styles and configurations with these challenge coin displays. To see a selection go here: challenge coin displays.

How To Fold The Flag

  1. Using two people hold the flag lengthwise and parallel to the floor. Fold the flag in half lengthwise. Be sure the fold crosses the red stripes over the stars.
  2. Be sure the square is toward the ground and fold the flag (lengthwise) in half bringing the folded edge up to meet the open edge. The squares and stars are now on the outside.
  3. Begin with the stripped end and fold the bottom corner up to meet the open edge of the flag creating the familiar triangular shape. Fold this triangular section in towards the stars, aligning the outside edge along the top and continue folding down and across until the final corner remains. If done correctly the flag will be a triangle with stars on both sides.

If you need a visual on the above steps, follow this link: how to fold the flag.

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If you are skilled with woodworking you may want to make your own flag case. The plans are FREE. See Free Flag Case Plans.

Contact your House Of Representative member here: Congressmen.

Contact your Senator here: Senators.